Volunteers are vital to the success of our programs, contributing thousands of hours of service to our students, and the center's daily operation.  Our volunteers participate in an orientation and experience hands on training before beggingin work with our students.  All volunteers comply with the centers confidentiality policy.


  • Help make a difference in someone's life

  • Develop and improve leadership skills

  • Learn about equine-assisted activities
  • Earn Service Learning hours for school
  • Exercise and get fresh air in a beautiful setting
  • Looks great on your resume
  • Meet great people and make new friends
  • Work with horses without the cost of ownership


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as The Side Walker

The Side Walkers supports the rider during grooming, riding, mounting and dismounting and help the rider guide their horse in following directions of the instructor as necessary.



as The Leader

The Leader is the one to be primarily responsible for the horse before, during and after class (i.e. catch the horse, prepare it for class, maintain safe spacing in the arena and elsewhere, assist the rider during class while maintaining control of the horse, and release the horse when class is over